Colorido Tarot

This deck is tentatively titled Colorido Tarot which is spanish for Colorful Tarot. I am doing the cards fairly quickly and as they come. The style is pretty set now. I want one or two central people, animals, objects etc with the background color being pretty solid and bold.  Things are always subject to change as I feel the energy shift as I make it. The images are likely to change at the very least slightly (clean up) and might be replaced all together before it is over.

It has a companion oracle for it as well that I will be working on as I feel the call to do so. My plan is to release them together.

Please note that all of the imagery here is copyrighted by myself, you are welcome to share but please note where the imagery comes from. If you are interested in my deck policies please check this note out.

Deck Status:

In Progress

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