About Neko Divination.

What is up with the name? How do I get the decks?

So why Neko Divination? Well I am pretty uncreative when it comes to names. We have a small maltipoo (maltese and poodle) who is so small my friend said “that is not a dog, that is a cat”. So we decided to name him Cat. However yelling cat across the yard at your dog seems a bit silly. So we looked up different languages until we found one we liked how it sounded and Neko is Japanese for cat. =D Coincidence or not but having a new puppy in the house breathed some life back into our space and helped move us into this phase of the journey so I named this site after him.

Combining my love for Tarot and getting back to my illustrative talents I have decided to create decks for my own use and to share with others!

How to purchase a deck? After Feb. 15th I will be offering deck purchases with a pre-order system that allows readers to pre order the deck for a month then doing a bulk fulfillment. Each deck will be offered at least once a year while demand is there possibly twice a year.

Any deck I create can be used in email readings with no charge, shared on social media, blogs etc. If you care to share the name of the deck and the site they can be purchased from that is great if not I don’t care =) If someone wants to find it they will. For all of the artwork from Peintures Du Monde is public domain so you could even create your own deck if you wanted to! For the decks I am illustrating the imagery there is copyrighted by me and may not be reproduced for resell. Or I will sick my dog Neko on you, he’s vicious grrr.